We’ve coupled our most advanced technologies to bring you the most high-end board ever made.

The Radial Flex® has been developed by the Pride Lab® in order to distribute the structural weight of the rider ideally on the board. It also allows to keep some flex under the elbow, where you need it the most, while making it stiffer on the lower two thirds of the board (learn more about the Radial Flex® technology and its construction).

The Single to Double concave has been designed to maximize the water flow under your board – which gives you more speed (learn more about the Single to Double concave technology). The combination of both gave birth to the most functional and effective board on the market. The Single to Double concave has been adapted to perfectly fit the Dynamic Arc® shape while maximizing both technologies’ amazing properties. We thoroughly tested the board throughout the year and it’s working magic.
Available now on Pierre-Louis Costes’ magic carpet and on all models on the shaping room.