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Tristan Roberts & Sari Ohhara are your 2019 Bodyboarding World Champions.

A well-deserved first world title for our South African and Japanese riders.

Pride launches the Royal Flush Bat Tail Single to Double concave.

You’ve probably seen it browsing in your Instagram feed. The Royal Flush Bat Tail NRG+ Single to Double concave has generated some excitement and enthusiasm. Why? Because it combines the Single to Double concave technology with a bat-tail for the first time, and that it is perfectly suited to cold waters thanks to its NRG+ core. Nonetheless, you might have noticed that the Bat Tail is slightly different to its more common cousins.

Learn more in the article below.

Isabela Sousa & Pierre-Louis Costes share thrones in Sintra

The 2018 Sintra Pro was a key event on the APB Tour WWS tour as well as the most important event on the Mens QEST tour (qualifying events for the GSS Tour). Even though PLC has already requalified for next year GSS tour, Sintra remains a major event, with the biggest prize money. It also represents the backbone of the World Tour for 23 years now.

PRIDE PIN SYSTEM Technology - Now available, learn more.


Pride team killing it in Antofagasta on their new SDC rides!

Tristan Roberts, Antonio Cardoso and Lewy Finnegan were representing the Pride International team during the APB Tour Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival last week in Chile, first 5* QS of the 2018 season. Safe to say they absolutely nailed it.

Photo: Pablo Jimenez

Mickael Kauffman - The Eastern Vibes interview

If you haven't yet, give a watch to Mickael Kauffman latest installment, 'The Eastern Vibes' and read what

PLC - Walur Insights

Given the success of PLC's latest clip 'WALUR', we decided to have a chat with Pierre, willing to learn more about his express trip to Sumatra and get some insights about the gnarliest waves he surfed in this insane clip.

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