Radial Flex® was developed using the latest CAD software with integrated Generative Structural Analysis, allowing us to observe how a board reacts under typical wave riding load and flexion. The data showed us that when the rider pulls up on the nose of the board, the resulting structural load is directed through to the elbow in a radial pattern, and not in a direct line from hand to elbow.

Based on these findings we have developed the Dynamic Arc® technology. Constructed from a single beam of lightweight, high-tensile Divinycell structural foam, the Dynamic Arc® has been configured to disperse the structural load along its vertical surface.

By extending the natural curve of the Dynamic Arc® through to the tail of the board, we were also able to create a unique load-bearing frame that not only enables instant transfer from compression load to projection, but also distributes impact stresses, such as those caused by heavy landings, along the entire length of the frame.

Some very basic fluid mechanics principles have been adapted to our case by our Pride Lab engineers. “When the water flow goes from a bigger section to a smaller section, the flow speed decreases and the pressure increases.” figure 1. explains Jeremy Arnoux. “Using this principle as an analogy to what happens below our boards (if water is coming from both side of the board), if the perimeter of the concave narrows, water will encounter resistance at the end of the concave creating a pressure which push up the board creating more lift. As a result, having a concave will add a greater sense of lift. Which also means more speed in smaller conditions." The Double Concave is coupled with the classic deep Hull channels.

Pierre-Louis Costes has been testing the board for the last 3 years in very different conditions and his feedback was more than enthusiastic. “I’m using the same template and same material combination since 2012. I’m using a PP core, 2x stringer, mesh and surlyn slick board and all of that is to say that the SDC really change your lines, more specially in small conditions where you get quicker to the planing phase.”

Our new SDC+ technology enhances grip on the face of the waves and enables greater control in hollow sections.

Thanks to a light gradual concave AKU shaped on the lower third of both rails, this technology will help you scoop with ease at your local slab, giving you the most control in hollow waves. On the other hand, the concave rails won’t affect your speed and trajectory when you are on the glidingphase,making the most of your Single to Double concave bottom contour. SDC+ will provide you with as much lift and speed in small condition as our SDC boards.

The best of both worlds.

Our new VarialMesh technology consists in a double layer of mesh, right where you need it most: further enhancing projection thanks to the tension it creates and reducing elbow creases.

A first layer is laminated outside the Radial Flex Dynamic Arc®, between the deck& the core of your bodyboard.
A second layer is laminated between the core and the slick, on the whole surface of the slick.

The Tension created by the two layers of Mesh and the Variation of durability it generates on the outside parts of the deck will both enhance projection on all lip maneuvers and greatly improve the durability of the board, slowing down elbow creases apparition whether you like to scoop in at your local slab or land air maneuvers.

The most durable & efficient board we’ve ever created.

Kinetic PolyproCore is an advanced bodyboard core that is specially designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art engineering techniques. It is a lightweight core(1,9lbs PCF)that is fused together to create a nucleus that offers exceptional flex properties, such asimmediate recoil, increased longitudinal stiffness, and impressive compression strength.

Additionally, Polypro is completely waterproof, which ensures it remains lightweight and durable throughout the lifespan of your board. This core material is particularly well-suited for surfers in mid to warm climates and those who surf frequently due to its outstanding durability.

NRG+Core is a core material that has been created through the use of advanced expansion cell technology. It has been developed to replicate the essential performance qualities that can be found in original Dow™ cores.

NRG+ Core is a Polypropylenecore with a lower density of 1.4lbs PCF (Per Cubic Foot)backed with a ¼ of Kinetic PP underlay for added strength and increased durability. Itis lighter than Polypropylenedue to its larger and less dense cells. This core material is an excellent choice if you desire more flexibility in cold water or if you prefer a high-performance board that provides more flex. Moreover, NRG+ Core is particularly suitable for kidsand very light people, as it is much easier to handle and control than other core materials.

You can find it on our Timeless model coupled with HDPE slick or on most pro-models with Mesh and Single to Double concave.

The Vulcan fins represent a revolution in terms of conception. The 3density elastomer® technology designed by the Pride Lab® for these fins offers improved propulsion performance, ideal for powerful and experienced bodyboarders. The ergonomic foot pocket and ankle strap will provide you with incredible comfort during your sessions. Their optimum drainage system allows for powerful performance.

This is a unique mould designed and owned by the Pride Lab® who has put years of R&D in the making of what is to this day the most advanced bodyboarding fin on the market.

They are made with premium quality Malaysian rubber and include 40% of recycled rubber.

Our wetsuit range is made entirely of Yulex® Natural Rubber, the only renewable, plant-based & sustainable alternative to petroleum and limestone neoprene. Yulex® Natural Rubber is sourced sustainably, with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) label ensuring the responsible growth and harvesting of Hevea trees used in its production. These trees are irrigated by natural rainfall and supporting forest-dependent communities and guaranteeing a steady supply. Manufacturing processes involve recycled and recharged water, minimizing environmental impact. Yulex® Natural Rubber significantly reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% and boasts the lowest carbon footprint in the market.

Removing your leash from your board has always been a tough one. But yet it’s mandatory if you don’t want to damage your board, while traveling or simply in your car’s boot. Some will untie the knot, others will unplug the board, in order to avoid fighting a little string with their teeth and fingers. The Pride Lab® team decided to find a solution, with two main goals in mind: maintaining the strength & comfort of our already renowned accessories’ range while providing bodyboarders with a new technology making their life easier on a daily basis.

A pin system has been developed on the connector which link the swivel to the urethane. A piece of steel enters the swivel’s hole, ensuring the ultimate resistance of our system. By removing the pin, the swivel is uncoupled from the connector which will remain attached to the plug. You’ll be able to remove your leash in a matter of seconds.

The Pride Costes biceps leash is the first stretch fit leash. Super comfortable on your arm with or without a wetsuit! The biceps cuff is designed in an ergonomic way (see photo). This is done with a 5mm Neoprene lycra finish. The Stretchfit technology allows a more precise and comfortable fit. This is a special elastic band between the webbing and the velcro strap.