The first step in any new design project is to conceptualize an idea. This is the Dream stage. Sometimes the idea comes from our pro team, sometimes from our engineers, other times from left field. Mostly it’s a collaboration of experienced minds working together to push the boundaries of bodyboard performance.


The next step is to formulate how we can take the idea from theory to reality. This is the Design stage. The Pride Lab® works in conjunction with our state of the art manufacturing facility to develop new manufacturing techniques and material applications, incorporating these into our progressive, high performance shapes.


Then comes the Ride stage. All our prototypes are tested and approved by our pro team before they’re release onto the market for you to ride.


We’ve coupled our most advanced technologies to bring you the most high-end board ever made.

Single to Double Concave Pride


The Single to Double Concave features Pride’s most advanced bottom contour to date. The bottom contours of your bodyboard and how they are blended together, play a big role in how that board is going to perform.

The Vulcan fins represent a revolution in terms of conception.

Pierre Louis Costes

The Pride Costes biceps leash is the first stretch fit leash. Super comfortable on your arm with or without a wetsuit!

Pride Bodyboards Pin System

Removing your leash from your board has always been a tough one. But yet it’s mandatory if you don’t want to damage your board, while traveling or simply in your car’s boot.

Radial Flex® was developed using the latest CAD software with integrated Generative Structural Analysis, allowing us to observe how a board reacts under typical wave riding load and flexion.