Single to Double Concave Pride


Some very basic fluid mechanics principles have been adapted to our case by our Pride Lab engineers. “When the water flow goes from a bigger section to a smaller section, the flow speed decreases and the pressure increases.” figure 1. explains Jeremy Arnoux. “Using this principle as an analogy to what happens below our boards (if water is coming from both side of the board), if the perimeter of the concave narrows, water will encounter resistance at the end of the concave creating a pressure which push up the board creating more lift. As a result, having a concave will add a greater sense of lift. Which also means more speed in smaller conditions." The Double Concave is coupled with the classic deep Hull channels.  

Pierre-Louis Costes has been testing the board for the last 3 years in very different conditions and his feedback was more than enthusiastic. “I’m using the same template and same material combination since 2012. I’m using a PP core, 2x stringer, mesh and surlyn slick board and all of that is to say that the SDC really change your lines, more specially in small conditions where you get quicker to the planing phase.”