We’ve invented the Pride Pin System® a few years ago in the aim of helping bodyboarders to install and uninstall their leash in a matter of seconds. We’ve now come with a double Pride Pin System® on all our high-end leashes range, which includes Pierre-Louis Costes’ iconic signature leash as well as the Tristan Roberts signature and Deluxe Wrist leashes.

Reduce, recycle, reuse

By doing it we’re also enabling you to just replace the coil of your leash in case of breaking. All our coils are made of 7mm Urethane of German quality, but every rider knows that after a few years, some parts of any leash may break or become slack. Now you are available to replace only the parts that are worn or broken. Reduce, recycled, reuse.

Infinite options to customize your bodyboard leash

In the meantime, we’re giving you the opportunity to fully customize your leash depending on your needs and wants. All coils and cuffs are also available in a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from.

1. Three top quality cuffs:

  • Pierre-Louis Costes’ cuff is definitely the best option if you looking for comfort, especially if you’re not wearing a wetsuit. His exclusive StretchFit® and wide neoprene cuff provide you with utmost comfort and maintain at all time and will enable you to avoid bruises.
  • Tristan Roberts, on the other hand has a thinner cuff with some very strong grip on the inside part. We recommend to use it if you’re wearing a wetsuit and are looking for a strong maintain on the arm without having to tighten it too much.
  • Deluxe Wrist Cuff: inspired by Tristan Roberts’ signature but adapted to the wrist. It features the same inside grip.

2. Two differents coils

We offer two different coils options. Our classic coil, which is used on the PLC and Comp leashes for several years now as well as big waves/drop-knee coil, which is one foot longer than the classic one and more adapted for drop-knee and big waves purposes. This coil is available to buy on spare parts and on our Deluxe Wrist leash.

This option is only available on leashes equipped with double Pride Pin System®. All spare parts to be bought separately from all good bodyboarding stores or from our website.