Coral Guardian – Social & Environmental projects

In September 2019, we launched a charity auction for Coral Guardian.
This was a first time for us. We sold a collector’s board for 370€. All the money has been transferred to Coral Guardian, a non-profit organization dedicated to coral reef conservation and coastal communities’ empowerment.

Because Coral are essential to marine biodiversity. They cover only 0.1% of the Ocean’s surface but provide habitat of a quarter of marine biodiversity. On top of that 275 million people depends directly of reefs for sustenance. Ocean is obviously something we’re connected to, and during our different trips around the world, we get to see many of the 275 million people. This is why we support an association that is not only transplanting corals but also educating these people.

What’s up next?
It wasn’t a one shot operation. We’re already working on other ways to support this kind of association. If you have any ideas or know an association that you’re passionate about, feel free to write at