We use reclycled polyethylene core in all our boards

Starting from September 2019, all polyethylene boards produced by Pride Bodyboards, which represents 30% of the boards we build each year, will be made from recycled polyethylene planks. These planks are certified to contain a minimum of 63% of recycled material.

Pride Bodyboards is the first company to ever use a recycled PE plank.

Having 63% of recycled content allow us to guarantee the same quality of the final product that raw PE planks, while making a real change and impact on the environment.

How much?
These boards will be sold at the same price that non-recycled PE boards to our consumers. In order to show or commitment, we decided to absorb the extra costs related to the production of these boards. Extra costs are actually generated when purchasing the planks, but also during the manufacturing process.

With an average number of 2000 PE boards produced per year over the last with their core weighing about 1.5kilograms, we’re going to save an average of 2 tons of raw polyethylene every year.

Recycled polyethylene is being more and more accessible throughout the years, thanks to a shortage in raw materials. Nonetheless, we had to purchase our own stock of planks in order to be able to proceed given the huge MOQ suppliers in this business (PE planks are used worldwide by insulation giant companies) usually have. It represents a huge investment from the brand toward the future. We also had to adapt the process of lamination to new temperature and durations. After a year of R&D the first boards were able to be sold to the end consumer.
Here Comes The Future