Here at Pride Bodyboards, we incorporate 40% of Recycled Premium Malaysian rubber in all our swim fins produced since September 2019.


Most of the fins in the bodyboarding industry come from natural rubber, and ours is no exception. Some people say it's ecological because it comes from Hevea trees. Nonetheless, Hevea trees require vast amounts of land to create those swim fins, which means a reduction in land available for rainforests and, therefore, biodiversity. By reducing the amount of raw natural rubber we use in our fins, we also decrease the land needed to create our products – land that would otherwise be available for biodiversity to thrive.


We use a unique formula developed by committed scientists to reincorporate solid rubber into the conception of brand new fins. We only recycle rubber that hasn't been used before by the end consumer. For instance, we won't recycle old tires that would result in lower quality products. We collect premium natural rubber from factories that would otherwise be trashed before ever being used.

40% only?!

We're the only bodyboarding company to incorporate recycled content in our fins. By incorporating 40% of recycled premium natural rubber in our fins, we can guarantee that our fins are still the best quality available on the market while making a real impact on the environment. We ensure that their design and colors are as good or even better than our competitors' and that they float. In total, we will save more than 1.8 tons of rubber per year. With your support, we could go even further.

"The average yield from a rubber plantation is expected to be 375 kg per hectare annually if the trees are grown from seedlings" – extract from www.agrifarming.in . This project will allow us to save around 4.85 hectares of land to be cultivated in Southern-Eastern Asian countries.