About us

Back in the late 1990s, Imanol Arrizabalaga, in an attempt to advance the world of bodyboarding, created the Pride brand. By then, the whole production was set up in a small workshop in Biarritz. The handmade nature of the boards allowed Pride to meet with success and sent the brand towards new adventures: international expansion.

Pride has today become a leader in the bodyboard industry, providing more and more performing products to professionals and amateurs of this spectacular sport. Technology playing a major role in this field, our goal is to constantly offer products with innovative characteristics. The Pride Lab, our research-based facility, tries its best to develop and integrate these new technologies in Pride bodyboards in order to provide you with the most amazing riding companions.

The brand has sparked the interest of young and talented athletes, who form today’s Pride Team and inspire the newest collections. Their involvement is such that they participate in the creation and development of Pride bodyboards and show their expertise and identity through special shape and materials.

With its values of excellence, Pride is committed to create products adapted to your type of ride, whatever it may be.


Pride Bodyboards
114 Rue des Vanniers
40150 Soorts-Hossegor

Ph: +33 559 011414

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