Bodyboard Center set to become the best online bodyboard store.

mardi, décembre 4, 2018

Bodyboard Center opened in 2015 with more than 800+ boards in stocks, stocking brands such as Pride, Stealth, Found, NMD, Versus, Drag, Zion, or Hubboards. 

We’ve organized more than 10 premieres in order to gather the whole bodyboarding scene around great movies. Nonetheless, with more than 80% of our turnover being generated online, we decided to focus on the online business. Our physical store, located in Anglet, is about to close.

So, what’s the future going to look like at Bodyboard Center?

We’re going to keep organizing great events in the South West of France to promote new movies and our riders’ promotion tours and stocking all the best brands on the market.

We’re also currently improving our logistic system in order to provide a faster and better customer service. Shipping will become immediate and our customers will be attended online on our website and Social Media channels with even more attention, daily. We’re also working hand in hand with the logistic platform 2L, to get all our orders are automated. By the way our stocks are already updated live so you can avoid any post-purchase surprises. Express shipping is still free for all orders over 150€.

 Our aim is clear: consolidating our leadership on the European bodyboarding market.

It’s now time to open this new chapter. We’re looking forward to keep working with every single customer we’ve had in the past and keep providing you guys with the best service, the widest offer, just faster.

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