Isabela Sousa & Pierre-Louis Costes share thrones in Sintra

jeudi, septembre 20, 2018

The 2018 Sintra Pro was a key event on the APB Tour WWS tour as well as the most important event on the Mens QEST tour (qualifying events for the GSS Tour). Even though PLC has already requalified for next year GSS tour, Sintra remains a major event, with the biggest prize money. It also represents the backbone of the World Tour for 23 years now.

The event has seen ups and downs each day, mainly because of the fog. Nothing new in Portugal this time of the year, but still it seemed to persist more than usual. The Final Day didnt prove it wrong. The only final that has been competed was the Drop-Knee one, seeing Sammy Morretino winning his second world title in a row. Following the APB Tours rulebook, prize money and points had to be split in both Men and Women division, meaning that Isabela Sousa and Joana Schenker would share the first place in the Womens and Pierre-Louis Costes and Iain Campbell would do likewise in the Mens.

No big deal in the Mens, even though we know these two are fierce competitors and would have love to fight for a proper win. Nonetheless, winning in the Women division could have a huge impact as both Bela and Joana are still involved in the Title Race. These 500 extra points that would have been guaranteed by a win in Sintra could play a crucial role in the final ranking, after the Nazare Pro. Let’s see what Nazare holds for Pierre and Isabela, hoping they can win the holy grail once again.

Credits : APB Tour // Joao Araujo


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