PRIDE Innovation Challenge

mardi 12 juillet 2016 | bodyboard / innovation / challenge

We wish to thank the 225 participants for their implication in our first PRIDE Bodyboards innovation challenge!

We were pleased to see that participants from all over the world shared great ideas (Europe, Hawaii, Japan, Australia, South Africa, South Corea...).

Many ideas were linked to particular needs and we will work to meet these needs.

In fact, we have been working on some of the ideas for quite a while now via our Research & Development program, which is very reassuring.

We are glad to announce that the winner of our innovation challenge is Jaime Gonzales from Pueto Rico who suggested 2 new interesting products that we currently do not offer. Congratulations to him !

The first product is essencial and helps bodyboarders perform better. The idea also tackles environmental issues and makes your board look more desirable...

We will therefore work all summer to try and offer this product as soon as this fall !

As for the second product, you will have to be a little more patient. In fact, there are true design challenges that we need to tackle in order to meet our requirements... stay tuned !

To conclude, we are proud to announce that 97% of the participants wish to continue to take part in the development of our future products. It is a great challenge for us.

The adventure continues in September !

Here comes the future !

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