The South American leg of the IBC World Tour is off to a perfect start for the Pride Team!

The action began with the WAHINE Bodyboarding Pro in Espirito Santo, Brazil, which kicked off this year's world tour. The event, exclusively for women, witnessed the remarkable victory of our team rider, Sari Ohhara from Japan. Sari's triumph set the tone for an exciting year ahead.

The tour then moved on to the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, a truly remarkable event that featured divisions for men, women, juniors (boys and girls), and dropknee. Notably, this event boasted the highest prize money of $75,000. Our very own Tristan Roberts emerged victorious, securing a win in the final against Tanner McDaniel. This win added another accolade to Tristan's already impressive record as the reigning World Champ. However, the spotlight wasn't solely on Tristan; Sari Ohhara, displaying exceptional skill, claimed another victory after her earlier success in Brazil. Congratulations to both of our team riders!

Following the event in Antofagasta, the Arica Cultura Bodyboard Presented by Pride took center stage. Renowned as one of the most prestigious events on the tour, this competition offered consistently phenomenal conditions at the famous 'El Flopos' wave. Despite encountering some exceptionally large and hazardous conditions, the event continued with incredible displays of skill from both locals and professionals. Among the competitors, our team riders Tristan Roberts, Matias Diaz, and Pierre Louis-Costes reached the quarterfinals. Local hero Moises Silva delivered an impressive performance but unfortunately fell short in the 7th round.

While Tristan and Matias couldn't advance past the quarterfinals, Pierre Louis-Costes displayed his unwavering determination. With unmatched skill and tenacity, Pierre emerged victorious in the final against Tanner McDaniel, clinching the Arica Cultura Bodyboard Presented by Pride title for the third time. Pierre's achievement makes him the first athlete ever to claim three victories in this prestigious event. It's truly remarkable to witness Pierre's ongoing excellence. Congratulations to the legend himself!

Now, let's set sail for Itacoatiara, Brazil, as the tour reaches its third event for the men's division. In a truly awe-inspiring feat, Moises Silva, a talented young rider we have supported since he was just 15 years old, emerged triumphant at the 2023 Itacoatiara Pro. Held at Itacoatiara Beach in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Region, this stage of the Bodyboard World Championship witnessed Moises's remarkable journey to his maiden victory on the world tour. In the final heat, with time winding down, Moises seized an opportunity and rode a wave that earned him an impressive score of 8.5. This exceptional performance propelled him past the current ranking leader, Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel, etching his name in the annals of bodyboarding history. As the 11th edition of the sports festival in Niterói continues with additional competitions in bodyboard, surf, bodysurf, downhill, and sailing, we celebrate Moises Silva's remarkable achievement and eagerly anticipate his future successes.

We must also recognize Matias Diaz for his incredible triumph in his hometown event, the Iquique Bodyboard Pro 2023! Matias's determination and skill allowed him to overcome the competition and secure the victory in the final, fulfilling his dream of winning his local event. Congratulations to Matias on his outstanding work!