mardi 12 avril 2022 | bodyboard / Action Bronson

You might know him through songs like 'Easy Rider' ; 'Actin Crazy' or through cooking shows like 'F*ck, that's delicious'.

Action 'Baklava' Bronson is a famous NYC rapper & TV presenter that has a true love for bodyboarding.

The COCODRILLO TURBO is a limited edition board designed by Action himself. His love for bodyboarding & art taking form in this piece of foam. Crocodile deck skin color designed to fade away when ridden which will make each single board unique.

A board well suited for heavier dudes that are not so big. 

41.5 inches has similar volume to a classic 43 board and is well suited to riders around 90kg. 

42.5 inches has similar volume to a classic 44 board and is well suited to riders around 100kg. 

The COCODRILLO TURBO is available in 41.4 & 42.5 with PP Radial Flex SDCNRG+ SDC in very limited quantities.

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