Frosty mornings and late Tinder sessions made our groms fingers go numb.

NUMB THUMBS our first youth team trip starring Canaria's Javi Dominguez & Chile's Moises Silva in France, Spain & Canary Islands.

These two have a lot in common, in addition to being Pride, Nymph Wetsuits & Vulcan Fins team riders. Both are born in 2002. Both are among the top 5 bodyboarders of their generation. Both will be threats on the world tour this year.⁣ ⁣ And most importantly, both have grown up surfing some of the best reefs in the world. Javi is a Confital local and rides it like it's YouRiding while Moises refined his skills both left and right riding Flopos since he's entered middle school.⁣ ⁣

Our aim was to take these two out of their confort zone and get them to ride icy beachbreaks for a change, venturing around our HQ in Hossegor & through to Spain for a week while our finest Italian Simone Macera fed them with fresh pasta and guanciale to make sure their numb thumbs survived the 0°C mornings. ⁣

Boys haven't disappointed but we'll let you make your own mind⁣ after you watched the clip.

A video by Simon Levalois-Bazer

Starring Javi Dominguez & Moises Silva

Filmed by Sebastien Boulard & Simon Levalois-Bazer


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