jeudi 6 février 2020 |

“When I think about travelling, the first place is always Indonesia. Consistent waves, tropical weather, different culture, amazing landscapes and the cheap living are some of the reasons why makes Indonesia so attractive to me... Pacitan in Java is one of the most consistent places I´ve been and the locals makes me feel always at home.

With this Indonesia is the perfect setup to rest after some months coaching in PTC Carcavelos.”

Hugo Macatrao – Pride Training Club Carcavelos

Pride Training Club Carcavelos is a bodyboard school located in Carcavelos beach in Lisbon.

The school is not only for those who want to be professionals one day but also for every person who just want to ride some waves and take their bodyboarding to the next level with the focus on technical aspects.

Pride Training Club Carcavelos invests on the teaching on every age group and any level of learning.

You’re welcome to join one of the four different groups on the school: groms, initiation, evolution (performance) and a group for the people of more than 40 years old.

Come to learn and improve your bodyboarding skills in the funniest and most professional way possible – with the best gear available on the market for every group.

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