Bodyboard Center’s tutorials are now available in English!

mercredi, février 27, 2019

This month, in collaboration with the young French YouTuber Luka Lacoste, we released a series of 3 tutorials explaining how to plug your boardhow to choose your bodyboarding fins and how to choose your board.

In the tutorial explaining how to plug your board, Luka welcomes a special guest: Team rider and 2x world champion Pierre-Louis Costes as an intern who teaches us with great sense of humour the different steps and tools needed to plug your board to perfection.


In the next videos, Luka covers the different types of board and fins available on the market, their characteristics and how you should choose the perfect board and pair of fins that best suit your needs.

Indeed, the different shapes, cores, technology and part of a bodyboard are thoroughly described. You’ll also learn how they should be used.

Same thing with the fins, you will learn the two main different type of fins (symmetrical & asymmetrical) for bodyboarding and the type of fins and brands that you need regarding your use.


Through these tutorials, we provide you with all the necessary information you need to know on your gear and how to get you started!


These tutorials, originally shot in French, are now entirely available with English subtitles for all of you who speak the language of Shakespeare.


To have them, simply click on the YouTube CC button located on the bottom right of the video, then, click on the setting button just on the right of the CC button and choose English as the language of the subtitles.


Enjoy these videos and don’t hesitate to send it to your friends who may have questions on their gears, comment and like.

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