vendredi 11 janvier 2019 | pride / bodyboards / royal / flush / bat / tail / single / double / concave

Indeed, we’re proud to introduce the new tail shape we call the Crescent Bat Tail. Another marketing word? Not exactly. We’ve had some feedback from many riders that bat-tail are uncomfortable in the big stuff but very functional in smaller waves. We decided to think about a solution for this. Combining the comfort of the crescent with the hydrodynamics efficiency of the bat tail. How?

The Royal Flush NRG+ offers an ultra-classic template, thinned rails, and aggressive single to double concave with the Bat tail. Taking a page from Pride’s popular design the Royal Flush Bat Tail incorporates all the speed and wave catching ability of a traditional crescent board with the performance benefits of a bat-tail in small conditions. 

Tristan Roberts, who’s been testing the board back home, is pretty excited about this new technology: “A bodyboarder who haven’t ridden one yet can expect more acceleration and all-around level of performance in small to medium conditions” argued Tristan. “We didn’t want to make an aesthetic board but something that work according to our team riders feedbacks, we simply can’t find anyone who hasn’t enjoyed riding this tail shape.” added Jeremy Arnoux, the Pride Lab’ manager.

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