Moises & Rodrigo Silva

Moises Silva

Moises & Rodrigo Silva

Arica supa twins.

Rodrigo and Moises Silva were born on August 8th 2002. These two twins are the youngest riders of the Pride International team. They started bodyboarding in 2010 at Arenillas Negras’ beach in Arica and they became the biggest hopes of their generation worldwide. Their secret is that they push each other to go bigger on the daily. It was obvious for the brand to support these young groms in their hopes of a world title. #HereComesTheFuture. Moises Silva ended 9th at the 2019 Arica Cultura Bodyboard.

Rodrigo Silva

Moises & Rodrigo Silva's Gear Selection

On this page, you'll find Moises & Rodrigo Silva's bodyboarding essential. The board they ride, the fins they use, leashes, accessories and more.